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Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Bricks & Envi Blocks

-----Firewood Alternatives That Make Sense & Save $$$-----


 Have you ever tried to buy seasoned firewood late in the heating season? Good Luck with that!

Have you ever ordered seasoned cordwood just to discover that the term "seasoned" & "cordwood" have many interpretations?

That good old pile of wood that was dumped in my driveway that I hade to move and stack to season just to discover that every little critter in the neighborhood has turned my winter heat into an animal condo complex. AArgh!!! Then when I discover the tarp I used to keep the snow off my wood came off in the wind, I get the pleasure of trouncing thru the snow to leave a mess of bark, wood, dirt & melting snow in my mud room.

Well that being said Take a Look at the These Alternatives to Cordwood! Wood Blocks, Bricks & Wood Stove Logs offer all the heat and ambiance of cordwood but BURN CLEANER & LONGER than conventional firewood. The density of Tennessee Hardwood Bricks & Envi Blocks offer a longer lasting more consistent heat that will keep your home warm longer and chimney cleaner with only minimal ash left behind.  Wood Blocks, Bricks & Wood Stove Logs use only the natural fibers in the wood to hold them together, you get the maximum heat possible out of the wood used to produce them.

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Quantities may be limited at any time due to this heavy demand. Super Premium & Premium Grade Wood Pellets, Envi & Envi 8 Blocks, and High Heat Anthracite Coal ordered will be scheduled for delivery upon order placement. 


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Energy Independence Starts when your Heating needs are Renewable

Finally become truly Energy Independent!!

Buy only Top Quality Products produced in North America


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Cordwood Alternatives

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Cordwood Alternatives





Envi 8


Available Now for Pick Up or Delivery

from $329.90 per pallet

These blocks are an all wood product with no additives which are specifically designed to be used as firewood in wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits and wood furnaces. Envi Blocks are made of the same material (hardwood sawdust, shavings, etc) as our wood pellets and mechanically compressed into a larger block size.

Each block is appox. 2.5 x 3.5 x 7-8" long

- Longer Burn Time - Great for overnight burning, 8 to 10 hours possible
- Less Mess - No insects - No dirt - No fungus - No mold
- Less Ash Residue - Burn Cleaner - Less creosote
- More Heat - Higher density - Lower moisture content
- More Convenient - Occupies less space - Easier to store
- Save Time - Less handling - No seasoning - No splitting

Each pallet contains 100 packages of 6 Envi 8 blocks







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per pallet

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Envi Blocks


Available Now for Pick Up or Delivery

From $339.90 per pallet

Introducing Envi Blocks!!
An all wood product made from dry, clean and recycled hardwood sawdust & shavings. FOR USE IN WOOD STOVES, FIRE PLACES, FIRE PITS, WOOD FURNACES. The higher density and lower moisture content of Envi Blocks creates a cleaner longer burn than even the most seasoned wood. Envi Blocks create less ash and have lower particle emissions. Cleaner storage without insects and other creatures that invade the outdoor wood pile. Each block measures 4"x4"x10". This ideal size for most wood stoves and fireplaces will set the standard for others to follow. Pallets measuring 4'x4'x3'that consist of 315 blocks can be stored inside Its time to Turn Green with Envi!!!

Each pallet contains 105 packages of 3 Envi Blocks

 Each block measures approx. 4"x4"x10"







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Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Bricks for the Wood Stove

Sold Out for Now Watch Here for Availability

Tennessee/Thermo Hardwood Brick

Volunteer Wood Brick

An all hardwood brick product Volunteer Wood Brick comes from the great Hardwood Raw Material available in the Tennessee Region. Packing a Powerful Heating Punch up to 8,400 btu per pound the wood stove industry has taken notice. Cleaner and Longer burning than cordwood you will enjoy all the benefits of burning wood with greater consistency, ease of use and less maintenance.

Volunteer Wood Bricks are about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" in size

96 packs of 6 per pallet

Each pallet weighs about a ton and equates in heat value and burn time to about a cord of seasoned firewood.

Brick to Brick and pallet to pallet the consistency of Tennessee Volunteer Hardwood Bricks can offer your home what cordwood cannot!


Best Value

for Heating Efficiency!

Sold Out for Now

Check Out Envi 8 & Envi Blocks



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*All prices are per pallet-----F.O.B. our warehouse. Quantities may be limited. Prices are subject to change without notice

All products are backed by the specific manufacturer. Pellets Direct™ will replace or credit pellet purchases only when authorized by the manufacturer. We recommend trying particular brands before purchasing a years supply. All products may vary from brand to brand and sometimes bag to bag.

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