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"Extreme Pellet Power Packages"

2012/13 was the introduction of the EXTREME PELLET POWER PACKAGES. Working with feedback from all of you as well as our own testing facilities there is a new Formula For Savings! Many of you have found that some of our top quality products are doing the heating job too well. At first this may sound strange but the reasoning makes sense. In the late fall and early winter months temps at night may get slightly below freezing but daytime temps along with radiant heat from the sun and the insulating factor of our homes make a super high performing pellet, even on lower settings, too hot too handle. Have you ever had to open the bedroom windows during the winter time when the pellet stove is running? We have received feedback from many customers that has shown this to be a common occurrence. The same common experience occurs in the late winter and spring when temps start to rise during the day and the frigid cold of winter has broken. The 2020 EXTREME PELLET POWER PACKAGES will offer a cost saving solution to the unsurity of getting a Top Performing Premium Pellet just to discover that some of our Great Performing More Economical Proven Performers can heat our homes without opening the windows wasting our heating $$$.

The 2020 EXTREME PELLET POWER PACKAGES are designed for our New England Homes to offer the heat needed for the early and late heating season along with a Super Top Performing Pellet for the enhanced heating needs during those super cold heating days that usually arrive in mid December. Combining multiple types of proven performers with turbo charged top notch performers create Value Power Packages that will save heating $$$ for all.

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Energy Independence Starts when your Heating needs are Renewable

Finally become truly Energy Independent!!!

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