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     High Heat Anthracite Coal

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The Anthracite Advantage

Anthracite is one of nature’s cleanest-burning solid fossil fuels and carbon sources. A specialty mineral, anthracite is cleaner and harder than other forms of coal and offers the highest heat value of all coals.

Our anthracite is produced entirely in the United States by American workers.  It’s delivered pre-washed in convenient 40-pound bags and Blaschak Anthracite Coal in particular is known for its consistently even sizing and purity

Anthracite coal is environmentally friendly.  It burns with virtually no smoke or emissions, producing no soot or creosote buildup.

The benefits of anthracite coal are universally accepted:

  • Clean, long-burning

  • Easier to use and lasts longer than cord wood when used in a coal stove or fireplace insert

  • Even heat and high level of BTUs compared to other fuels

  • Little ash to dispose of; what ash there is can be used to aerate soil

  • Lower cost than other fuels

  • Minimal fireplace or stove maintenance

  • No creosote buildup in the chimney

  • No smoke or emissions

  • Only natural source of carbon; highest purity carbon in the world

  • Very hard; low sulfur content


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Rice, Pea & Nut (Chestnut) by the Ton

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